The Ultimate DayZ Console Discord Bot

Omnipotent provides a set of modules to make running a DayZ console server less of a hassle.

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With Omnipotent you have the ability to manage whitelist, banlist, and other Nitrado configuration settings.

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Cash allows your players to earn money through kills, bounties, and many other ways.

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Player Management

Ping player's last location and get the current online player list through Omnipotent's commands.

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Kill/Build/Bounty Feeds

Omnipotent has many built in "feeds" that allow you to display killfeed, bountyfeed, and buildfeed on your Discord server.

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Raid Day Scheduler

Want to schedule your raid days without the hassle of manually activating the option on Nitrado? Say less. With Omnipotent you can schedule your raid days (base/container damage) for each server through our well designed panel!

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Safezone Kill Detection

With Omnipotent's Base Protection module you can specify the SAFEZONE option to log kills and ban players within a set perimeter!

Omnipotent Features

Our bot modules are used for servers paired with Omnipotent, we are working on making more modules to help improve your experience using our bot.

System Administration

SysAdmin is a server specific administration module that can: restart, stop, fetch status, bans, whitelist, (un)ban, (un)whitelist and more from your server through Discord.

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Base Protection

Base Protection is a game specific module that can help protect your base/zone from offline raids, it works by sending notifications based on a user set detection distance and detects who is nearby your base.

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Killfeed is an advanced kill/death detection module that can display stats and kill counts.

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Economy currency allows for your players to send, receive and earn money through your configured servers. Bounties. Payouts. Kill Rewards. and many other creative ways you can think of using this!

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Customize your killfeed and server settings with your own branding using Omnipotent's easy to use web-panel!

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Affordable Pricing

We want administrators to be able to afford a bot like this, so we set affordable pricing points for you.

Basic Package
What’s included
  • Omnipotent Bot
  • All Modules (+future)
  • 5 Servers
  • 10 Zones/Base Protection
Premium Package
What’s included
  • Omnipotent Bot
  • All Modules (+future)
  • 15 Servers
  • 15 Zones/Base Protection
  • 24/7 Discord Support
Advanced Package
What’s included
  • Omnipotent Bot
  • All Modules (+future)
  • 25 Servers
  • 25 Zones/Base Protection
  • 24/7 Discord Support

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